Introducing our Patented Libretta® Software for Outlook

Research shows that messages, including email
are misinterpreted 50% of the time.

Libretta® helps you find the exactly
the right words for any person or group

to help you get a positive response.

Libretta® can help you avoid saying or doing the wrong thing.

How does it work?

Libretta® Works in Office365 and

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  1. First, Libretta® uses patented Artificial Intelligence to
    analyse an incoming email and
    tell you what is motivating a person and how to answer.
    (It can’t tell you what to say, but it can show you HOW to say it.)
  2. Then it checks your reply email before you send it,
    and gives you a Fit Score with recommendations if you need to improve it.
  3. Libretta® will also tell you how your email will come across to others.

Libretta® is based on the Forbes bestselling management book, Words That Change Minds, by Shelle Rose Charvet, now in its 3rd edition and translated into 15 languages.

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It automatically identifies in Outlook 365, what is motivating people, how they think and make decisions when they write, and it helps you respond.

Libretta® does the following for you:

  1. Incoming email: It analyses an incoming email to identify what is motivating the sender and gives you suggestions for the type of language to use in your reply.
  2. Reply: It evaluates your reply to the incoming email and gives you a “Fit Score”, measuring how well your answer fits the incoming email. It will also give suggestions for what to improve if needed.
  3. New emails: Libretta® analyses your newly written email for how it comes across.

Here are the Motivation Triggers™ that Libretta® identifies:

Toward Motivation Trigger™

People who have a Toward Motivation Trigger™ need a goal to be motivated. They do not usually notice problems. Without a goal to move towards, they may not get started.

Away From Motivation Trigger™

When people have an Away From Motivation Trigger™, they easily notice what is wrong or should be prevented and avoided. They are motivated to get away from the things that bother them.

Internal Motivation Trigger™

People who have an Internal Motivation Trigger™ decide for themselves, based on what is important to them. They tend to reject ideas when told what to do.

External Motivation Trigger™

People who have an External Motivation Trigger™ are motivated when they are appreciated, recognized and get feedback. When making decisions they like to have input from outside people or information. If they do not get that information, they may not be able to decide.

Options Motivation Trigger™

People who have an Options Motivation Trigger™ love having lots of choices and alternatives. They may start things and often then start another something else, instead of completing the first action.

Procedural Motivation Trigger™

People who have a Procedures Motivation Trigger™ like to follow a step by step process and often believe there is a “right” way to do things. Without a procedure they may get stuck. When they start something, they are driven to finish it.

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