Libretta for Outlook

Libretta® for Outlook 365 in Windows

(English only – for the moment!)

Research shows that emails are misinterpreted 50% of the time.
It’s hard to persuade people in email.

Write the perfect email for each person.
People are different. Speak differently.

Libretta® does the following for you in English-language emails:

1. Incoming Email

Libretta® identifies what is motivating the sender and gives you suggestions for the language to use in your reply.

2. Reply

It evaluates your reply, gives you a “Fit Score”, (how well your answer fits the incoming email), and gives suggestions for what to improve. A Fit Score of 50% or higher is good to go.

3. New emails

Libretta® identifies your Motivation Triggers™ in your new email.

With Libretta®, you can avoid
inadvertently writing the wrong thing in your email.

No risk! You can try it out and if it’s not for you,
you can unsubscribe at any time.

Only $8.99/month. Get your Libretta® download!

Libretta® is based on the
Forbes bestselling management book,
Words That Change Minds,
by Shelle Rose Charvet,
translated into 15 languages.

How does Libretta® work?

Libretta Email Analysis

Libretta® uses Patented Artificial Intelligence in Outlook 365 for Windows.

It automatically identifies in Outlook 365,
what is motivating people,
how they think and make decisions
when they write,
and it helps you respond.

See for yourself what a difference it makes
in the response you’ll get.


No risk! You can try it out and
if it’s not for you, you can unsubscribe

Only $8.99/month. Get your Libretta® download.!
Learn more about Motivation Triggers™