As you know, different people respond to different kinds of language. When marketers create direct marketing pieces, and other texts, they need to write for their target market’s specific Motivation Triggers™ to get noticed and excite interest.

But it’s not that easy to do.

If your target market has an Internal Motivation Trigger, that means they want to decide for themselves based on what is important to them. We know that the “call to action” often doesn’t work for Internals – because they hate being told what to do.

Here’s how it works

  1. We work with your team to identify the key Motivation Triggers™ for your specific target markets.
  2. We hold an introductory live webinar for your team on the Motivation Triggers™, what are they, what they mean, how marketers & sales people can use them. Your team learns how to write for the specific Motivation Triggers.
  3. We set up the subscription to Libretta® Analytics to ensure that all your outbound communications fit the Motivation Triggers™ for your target market.
  4. On-going coaching, supervision of use of Libretta® for writing, evaluating and adjusting outbound marketing pieces for 3 months.
  5. Follow-up live webinar with the whole to ensure best practices & to celebrate the results. »