Our Essential Insight: Different people respond to different language. The words that people use indicate the language that they will respond to.


Our Patent Pending Libretta® Software identifies what is motivating someone when they write!
•    By analyzing text they write, Libretta® identifies customer’s Motivation Patterns™
•    Those patterns give us the right language to use for each individual
•    Libretta® can also identify Motivation Patterns™ in ads


Libretta® has been customized for several applications.
1.    Libretta® for Email
Find out what is motivating the person who sent you an email, get tips for responding, evaluate the fit of your response before you send it. Avoid inadvertently using language that doesn’t fit the other person!


2.    Libretta® Ad Diversity Tool
Make sure that your online and mobile ads are customized for each Motivation Pattern™. Stop losing clicks from interested customers.


3.    Libretta® CTR Optimization
Customize your mobile and on-line ads by identifying each person’s dominant Motivation Pattern™ and selecting the ad that fits.


4.    Libretta® Group Motivation Analytics

  • For Social Media: Discover the Motivation Patterns™ driving your major customer groups and the correct language to use with them.
  • For Corporate Culture and Mood Analytics: No questionnaires needed! Our system has a process to discover the Motivation Patterns™ for the whole organization. Do it monthly to measure how events affect Corporate Culture and Mood.
  • For Customer Motivation Analytics: Libretta® can identify key Motivation Patterns™ for each group of customers and display the correct type of language to use with each individual customer.


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