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Reaching potential
customers is hard.
Getting and keeping
their attention
is harder.
But what if you knew, how they think, get motivated and make decisions?

Introducing Libretta®,
the Superconductor of Human Communication™

We’ll help you find the right language
for influencing and persuading
any individual or group.
Never say or do the wrong thing again.

Our patented Libretta® Software
identifies what motivates people,
what makes people do or not do something.

How to use Libretta®

1. Add NEW Big Data Analytics to show what motivates your customers

Ideal for analytics platforms when you want to provide NEW information that no one else is capturing. Libretta® pinpoints the key Motivation Triggers™ for each customer or group of customers and ensures that your outbound messages use the correct type of language to engage people and create relationships.
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2. Increase your Outbound Marketing Response Rate

We help you identify the key Motivation Triggers driving your audience. Libretta® tests your texts to make sure the language fits your customers’ buying process.
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Trial and error can take a long time – and who has the time to wait for the right strategy?

3. Reach a Diverse Audience with your online advertising

Stop losing clicks from interested customers. Use several Motivation Triggers™ simultaneously in online and mobile advertising to increase CTR & make sure no one is left out.
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4. Optimize Click Through and Conversion Rates

Customize mobile and on-line ads by matching your ad to each customer’s dominant Motivation Triggers™.

5. Find out what is going on with your employees

No questionnaires needed. Our Libretta® Corporate Culture and Mood Analytics™ enable you to discover the Motivation Triggers™ for your whole organization by using our Libretta® for Email. You can do it monthly to measure how events affect Corporate Culture and Mood.
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6. Get your employees to use email strategically and stop making mistakes

Our Libretta® for Email enables each employee to find out what is motivating the person who sent you an email, get tips for responding, and evaluate the fit of your response before you send it. Avoid inadvertently using language that doesn’t fit the other person!
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