Introducing weongozi™

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Now, there are easier ways to:

  • Get the right people to notice and respond to your message – in mobile and online advertising
  • Generate language that is highly attractive – to the right people
  • Identify the key motivators for large groups of people
  • Reduce conflicts by using language that matches individual thinking patterns


Our Essential Insight: Different people respond to different language. The words that people use indicate the language that they will respond to.


Our expertise is in identifying the critical Motivation Triggers that explain how people get motivated, think and make decisions.


Based on weongozi founder Shelle Rose Charvet’s experience over 30 years helping organizations world-wide solve their most pressing persuasion problems.


weongozi has developed Patent Pending algorithms that automatically identify what is motivating someone and indicates the correct language to get the response you want.


For example:


If someone mentions benefits and gains
to people who would prefer to avoid a problem,
it may annoy them or
in online or mobile  advertising, the ad may be completely unnoticed.


Or, if someone makes enthusiastic claims
to people who prefer to decide for themselves,
the whole idea is likely to be dismissed.


Or, what if you could find out which people
prefer to have lots of choices
before they decide?


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